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Ishaya Meditation – The Bright Path

Who Are the Ishaya of the Bright Path?
Meditation as taught by the Ishaya of the Bright Path was first brought to the West in 1991 by the tradition’s first maharishi (spiritual leader and teacher to the Ishaya teachers), Maharishi Sadashiva Isham (MSI). Its origin dates back to humankind’s earliest days.

The lineage of teachers is passed down orally from teacher to student and runs all the way back to the great sages of yore, including Shankaracharya, Totrakam and Patanjali.
The practice encompasses easy meditation techniques for experiencing life beyond our mental limitations, offering a offering a sincere sense of peace, freedom and purpose. Practicing Ishaya Mediation daily deeply transforms everyday life for the better.

The effects are also quite profound in the workplace, giving everyone a sense of purpose, improving decision-making skills, boosting team building and workplace relationships, and enabling those who practice to harness the power of intuition, to cope with stress and to stay focused. Daily practice offers endless possibilities to the company and the workforce.

Ishaya Meditation is not a religion nor does it dismiss other spiritual beliefs. Anyone, anywhere (even in the busiest of cities like São Paulo) can practice this type of meditation. You can keep your eyes open… or closed. You can meditate in the noisiest of settings… or places of complete quiet. Even hard-to-quiet minds can connect to the silence using by practicing this form of meditation.

The current leader of the Ishaya of the Bright Path is Maharishi Krishnananda Ishaya, a direct student of MSI. Ishaya headquarters are located in a mountain in Catalunya. There are 29 Ishaya teachers in Brazil, and approximately 600 throughout the world. Ishaya Mediation is practiced and taught in over 30 countries. And over 2,000 people in Brazil have learned Ishaya Ascension, and over 27,000 people worldwide.

To learn more about Ishaya Meditation, go to: www.thebrightpath.com


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