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CEO Transformation

My professional performance and results had always been stellar, but I was unhappy with my job, stressed out, always hoping to become wealthy enough to stop working. I felt trapped by my job – a mandatory set of activities to make a living. I felt no pleasure nor sense of purpose in it despite excellent results and accolades for top-notch performance. Then in 2014, on the heels of remarkable professional success, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My best friend told me of successful treatment involving meditation. At the time, I was already in the habit of practicing Ishaya Meditation, albeit irregularly. Following the diagnosis, I began diligently including meditation in my daily routine (20-minute sessions, 3 times a day). My cancer treatment went so smoothly and changed me so profoundly that I decided to introduce meditation to my company. I spent six months in Spain (Ishaya headquarters) training for my certification as an Ishaya Meditation teacher qualified to introduce this technique to both companies and individuals. I now see it as my life’s purpose to serve the world by showing others a different way of living in and for the world. I continue to live a “normal” life complete with work, love, and all the joys and challenges of our human existence, but the magic of meditation increasingly permeates everything.


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